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BHRI General Fund Policy
The lack of money is the root of all evil.
Mark Twain

BHRI General Fund Policy

> BHRI Institute is exploring and creating large and complex projects. We create synergies and often associate with foreign institutes, financial organizations or adequately interested credible individuals.

Our goal is to create projects that set a new milestones edge science, therefore, always strive to create common goals, which provides only with the relevant partners.

In researching and designing new products always striving for the appropriate structure of the company, which creates and separates specifically to the independence of the new project. This is the only way to ensure an independent project's or product's growth. Such a firm is independent and provide long-term progress especially in structured (employees, new strategic partners, project applications) and financial terms. The most important is the aspect of the project's or product's expansion world wide as all edge science ideas create high added value and the above-average profits in long term.

For that reason we have developed each project in accordance with the characteristics of individual project, business partner and country, which offers the maximum for its optimal expansion.


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