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BHRI  Networking
If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.
Robert Kiyosaki

BHRI Networking

> Nowadays individual company without creating technology networks does not survive on a global market and it is relatively early force to become a history. Extremely fast technological development dictates narrow specialisation and force to orient to new market niches. Fast economic development facilitate technological connectivity and compatibility of goods and at the same time demands that companies should connect in order to achieve synergies leading to comprehensive solutions and a wide range of knowledge and ideas. Only vibrant economies with a strong interconnection between research, development and education, as well as the private and public sectors will facilitate the development breakthroughs necessary for economic effectiveness and a high quality of life in general. Based on all this facts, BHRI Institute is fully aware that only the knowledge and the ability to innovate ensure a long-term competitive advantage. Therefore we also create synergies and are proud member of such innovative network. So far we have created synergies among 50 companies worldwide which have resulted in providing long term conditions for achieving our innovative survival.

Linking and integration increases the capacity of enterprises for investment in knowledge and technological development, speeds up the generation of innovations, increases the capacity for effective action and the ability to adapt to constant changes on the market, and enables a joint development of the labour market with knowledge and skills required for a long-term growth of competitive advantages of an individual enterprise and the country as a whole. The aim of technology networks is to overcome the one-way knowledge flow from the academic sphere to the economy, as well as the fragmentation of development groups and investments into development. Therefore the BHRI Institute aspires to achieve a critical mass in a certain field, and strive to establish a system, which will provide for:

Strengthening the competitiveness of leading enterprises and the state in individual technological fields;

Directing state investments into the development of knowledge with respect to the global trends and the needs of the economy;

Faster transfer of knowledge into the educational system and consequently ensuring, on along term basis, the required knowledge in the labour market;

Improved access to knowledge and new technologies for all other fields of activities and individual enterprises throughout the country.


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