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BHRI Institute - Honorary Members
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BHRI Institute - Honorary Members


 Professor dr. Luo Shanming

> The part-time tutor of Central South University and China University of Mining. The sectary of the department of mechanical engineering of Xiamen University of Technology; the director of the mechanical design and the leader in the field of theory.

In recent years, mainly engaged in mechanical transmission, precision plastic forming technology in the field of scientific research and teaching work, he has successively presided 2 items of national natural science fund and outstanding youth fund, undertake other provincial and enterprise, awarded the project 15 (application) national invention patent and the patent for utility model.

In (ASME, Journal of Mechanical Design) in USA, (IMechE, Part C, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Scienc) in Britain and (Mechanism and Machine Theory) the United States, he has published more than 100 academic papers including SCI, EI, ISTP, ASME Journal of Mechanical Design and the Mechanical engineering Journal and other well-known Journals. More than 100 academic papers, including SCI, EI, ISTP were published during his professional participation.

 Scientific research projects:


The national natural science fund: heavy duty gear elastic meshing process of physical dynamic simulation theory and test research, project No.: 50575071;

The national natural science fund: new magnetic metal belt transmission theory and test research, project No.: 50205023;

Hunan province outstanding youth fund: new cosine gear formation principle, and into the method and application research, project No.: 06 jj10008;

The ministry of education in the new century talents support plan: 3D complex gear net-shape forming theory, numerical simulation and test research, project No.: teaching skill letter [2007] No. 70;

Hunan science and technology plan projects: complex drive element near net shape key technology research, project No.: 2007 fj4047;

Natural science foundation of Hunan province, magnetic metal belt drive some basic theory and technology, project No.: 01JJY3021;

Hunan provincial outstanding youth fund: new high intensity profile gear transmission theory research and simulation, project No.: the b045.

 Achievements in scientific research (patents):
The national patent of invention, magnetic metal belt drive, Pat. No: ZL 01131517.2, the first;

The national patent of invention, permanent magnet belt wheel, Pat. No: ZL 200410103528.8, the second;

The national patent of invention, magnetic belt, Pat. No: 200710034695.5, the second;

State invention patent, cosine gear drive mechanism, Pat. No: 200710034766.1, the first;

Utility model patents, speed torque sensor photoelectric signal generator, Pat. No: ZL 200820052539.1, the second.

Professor dr. He Guoqi

> Professor and the training center director of Hunan University of Technology; the member of Hunan Metal Industry Association.

He charged the numerical control technology, "Mechanical manufacturing technology" course, is responsible for the "Mechanical manufacturing technology" field rank exquisite course construction work. Professor Guoqi is the first speaker in the numerical control technology "course teachers at the provincial level".

Mainly to participate in national key basic development plan funds ("973"plan), the national natural science foundation project, a provincial projects, presided over five provincial key projects, a provincial general project 2 items, and enterprise transverse project 3 items.

The two invention patent, utility model patent five. In the Chinese mechanical engineering, "Journal of central south university" magazine published over twenty papers, including EI 6 articles. Write regular higher education planning materials and department.

Professor dr. Li Xuejun

> The postdoctoral of Tsinghua University and the University of Ottawa Canada.

the central area league secretary general of China Instrument and Control Society (CIS),

the member of CIS,

the member of Chinese Society for Measurement,

the member of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering,

the third outstanding expert in Xiangtan city, Hunan,

the specialists in manufacture information of Xiangtan city government.

In recent years, he has been engaged in mechanical dynamics and fault diagnosis, monitoring and control technology and manufacturing automation, dynamic test and signal analysis processing, mechanical structure strength and optimization design of the research work.

He chaired the national high technology research and development (863) plan, the National natural science fund, the ministry of education in the new century talents support plan, the ministry of education returned research start funds, the national production safety supervision and Administration bureau of Hunan province science and technology development plan, applied basic research projects in key projects, the natural science foundation of Hunan province, key projects, such as more than 30 of scientific research projects.

Obtained five advanced international level above the appraisal results;

Applied for more than 20 patents and has authorized eight;

Won the second prize of scientific and technological progress;

Won the first prize of nonferrous metals industry science and technology in China;

Won the first and the second prize in Hunan natural science academic paper competition in the Mechanism and Machine Theory, "Shock and Vibration", "Mechanical engineering journal" (English version), the Computational mechanics journal, "Measurement journal", "Instrument journal", "Engineering mechanics" and other important domestic and international academic journals published in the first academic papers published more than 70, 40 of which in SCI, EI, ISTP included the undergraduate course, the graduate student's "automatic control", "the testing technology" course;

Has supervised 3 doctoral students, more than 30 graduated students;

Guiding students won the National youth science and technology innovation and the second prize of scientific and technical prizes such as the challenge students to seven.

Mr. Fu Qibo

> Mr. Fu Qibo is the owner of 6 mayor companies in China for general PRC and International distribution, production and organization in the field of taxation, military development projects, civil development projects.
The founder of new GMA taxation system in China, Jiangxi Friend Technology Co. - Water Technology China.